WhatsApp Introduces New Updates Tab for Status and Channels

WhatsApp, a messaging app owned by Meta, said on Thursday that it is launching the first version of its new Updates tab for some beta testers.

The Updates tab will include status and channels, which are features that let users share updates and follow content from other sources. The status feature has been redesigned and renamed as “Updates”.

The channels feature is still in development and not available in the Updates tab yet. This is why this is the first version of the Updates tab.

The new update also brings some changes to the user interface, such as a separate section for muted status updates and a shortcut for privacy settings in the same menu.

Another shortcut for creating status updates can be found in the menu that appears when you tap the plus icon at the top of the screen.

The purpose of this Updates tab is to help users get familiar with the changes before channels are added to it. The layout of the status updates will also change “as they are displayed in a horizontal row instead of a vertical list”.

WhatsApp is currently testing the new Updates tab with a limited number of beta testers who have signed up for the TestFlight beta Program. The company plans to gradually roll out the feature to more users in the coming weeks, depending on the feedback and performance of the feature. Users who want to try the new Updates tab can check if they have the latest version of WhatsApp and look for the Updates tab in the app.

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