Google Camera App Crashing on Android Beta 2.1

The initial public beta of Android 14 released by Google left users somewhat dissatisfied, as it contained numerous bothersome bugs and malfunctioning features. In response, a subsequent point release was swiftly introduced to address some of these concerns, followed by the arrival of Beta 2, which aimed to further refine the operating system.

However, even with the arrival of Android 14 Beta 2.1, touted as the most polished version to date, occasional glitches persist. Presently, the most recent issue to surface is causing problems with the Google Camera app.

Despite Google’s efforts to rectify various aspects, it appears that each fix brings forth new complications. While expectations were high that Android 14 Beta 2.1 would provide a fully functional OS, it has been discovered that the camera app freezes and subsequently crashes upon attempting to switch to A Pixel’s ultrawide lens.

Google Camera App

Fortunately, there exists a workaround for this predicament. When launching the camera app, users can mitigate the crashing issue by initially switching to portrait mode and then returning to the standard mode.

By following this procedure, the camera app should no longer crash, regardless of how frequently the user toggles between the primary and ultrawide lenses. Another preventive measure involves promptly capturing a photo using the primary lens immediately upon opening the camera app, as this also appears to prevent crashes during lens switching.

Curiously, the app does not crash when recording a video using the ultrawide lens and subsequently switching to the primary lens. For individuals who would rather avoid these inconveniences entirely and reminisce about the days when phone usage felt reliable, the latest release finally enables the option to exit the beta program altogether and revert back to the stable version of Android 13.

However, for those who choose to remain, it is hoped that Google will promptly address and resolve this issue within the Camera app.

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