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A CRM for mortgage professionals creates a powerful competitive advantage for a loan officer by automating key marketing tasks and scaling up LO follow-up with everyone from prospects and clients to referral partners. A mortgage CRM is the engine of productivity that allows you to market to borrowers, deliver engaging content, meet compliance regulations and connect to all of the technology needed to recruit the top talent in the mortgage industry.

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As a mortgage professional, one of your biggest challenges is maintaining a steady pipeline of repeat customers. Loan officers are often too busy to keep up with the daily management of their client list. As a result, they lose countless clients almost routinely. Surefire CRM, which is widely regarded as the best CRM software for mortgage professionals (according to Capterra), was created to avoid this needless loss of business for mortgage lenders.

This article covers:

  • What a mortgage CRM is and why it is essential for your business
  • Mortgage CRM components
  • How to determine the right CRM for you
  • The best CRM software and how picking the right one can impact your business

What is a Mortgage CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. This is a technology for centralizing and orchestrating records of interactions with a company’s prospects and customers.

Sounds simple right? The truth is that it’s more complex than it sounds.  Beyond customer and communication notes, CRM software often includes marketing automation capabilities connected to prospect and customer contact records.

As a loan officer or mortgage professional, you probably have the general idea of what a mortgage CRM is and what it constitutes. Still, there are a number of additional functions that your mortgage CRM can and should supply.

Is mortgage CRM software important?

Yes, having a quality mortgage CRM is essential for your business. The bedrock of sustainable success in any business is the relationships between the business and its customers. Regarding the money lending industry, the quality and quantity of the relationships you are able to keep are one of the primary differentiators between one mortgage firm and another. There are a few questions to ask yourself to be able to judge the strength of your database at this time accurately.

How does a mortgage software get you more leads?

Mortgage software gets a loan officer leads by form submissions and integrations. A mortgage software like Surefire CRM has lead capture forms built into it and the ability to accept leads from other websites such as Zillow. Quickly working on these leads is important once you get them, and mortgage CRM helps automate that immediate response.

What are the benefits of using a mortgage CRM?

Yes, having a quality mortgage CRM is essential for any lending professional. The bedrock of sustainable success in any business is the relationship between the company and its customers. 

Regarding the money lending industry, the quality and quantity of the relationships you can keep are among the primary differentiators between one mortgage firm and another. There are a few questions to ask yourself to accurately judge your database’s strength at this time.

What percentage of your clients return to use your services?

The best customer is a returning customer.  Remarketing to current and past customers is a great method for generating a higher ROI with less cost to convert. 

How accurate is your database?

Data is everything in the world of business. In analyzing hard data, you can determine if you are making progress or the business is suffering. A company’s database should have all the records of the transactions made, the transactions’ date, and with whom the transactions were for. Relying on your ability to accurately monitor all this without the aid of a mortgage CRM software could help save you both time and money.

How much faith do your customers and partners have in you?

Trust is crucial, but when it comes to money business, it is beyond essential – if that’s possible. Most of the customers you are going to be working with as mortgage professionals have no prior experience in the business. For some of them, the loan they are seeking is the biggest financial move they have had to make. In that case, it takes a lot of trust for them to choose you over your competitors. It also takes a great impression and trust level for customers to come back to use your services. So, do your customers and partners trust you?

Do your customers like you?

Everyone, if given the choice, would prefer to work with people they like. It is a human thing to do. It is common in every business, but in the money industry, it seems to be even more pertinent. A client who likes you and the way you handled your first business with them will return for your services. On the other hand, first-time borrowers are even more likely to purchase based on a superficial feeling. They are nervous and looking for familiar ground. So, if they like you, they will choose you.

If left to your discernment, you may not have accurate answers to the above questions. And that is where a good mortgage CRM software comes into play. As they say, numbers never lie! With a mortgage CRM software, you can easily provide answers to the above questions and much more.

How important is mortgage CRM?

A CRM helps you build the strongest and most stable relationships with your clientele. Your customers will be pleased with your extreme attention to detail and amazed by your immense knowledge about their preferences if they have previously worked with you.

What’s more, it allows your mortgage processes to be seamless. With a CRM software, you don’t have to consistently task your brain to remember the tiniest details, making the experience remarkably easier.

You can track and manage the percentage of return customers for your business. This way, you can tell if your business is failing, why it is failing, and then you can set up measures to stem that tide. On the other hand, it can also show you if your business is doing well by displaying the percentage of return customers and purchasing frequency. So, you can step up those actions you are doing correctly.

With a mortgage CRM software, you don’t have to guess what’s going on with your business; you know exactly what is happening. Your business stands a better chance of survival and even thriving with such data.

Perhaps the most important reason you need a CRM system is that you can close more deals and help your customers secure more loans. Of course, every business’s goal is profit, and the right mortgage CRM will ensure you close loans faster and with much less effort than your competition.

Another advantageous effect of using the right mortgage CRM is that your Realtors will demonstrate higher confidence in your business. You can notice this by the number of referrals they will bring to your business over time.

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