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Adopting the AWS Cloud can provide you with sustainable business advantages. Supplementing your team with specialized skills and experience can help you achieve those results. The AWS Professional Services organization is a global team of experts that can help you realize your desired business outcomes when using the AWS Cloud. We work together with your team and your chosen member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) to execute your enterprise cloud computing initiatives.

Our team provides assistance through a collection of offerings which help you achieve specific outcomes related to enterprise cloud adoption. We also deliver focused guidance through our global specialty practices, which cover a variety of solutions, technologies, and industries.


AWS Professional Services’ offerings use a unique methodology based on Amazon’s internal best practices to help you complete projects faster and more reliably, while accounting for evolving expectations and dynamic team structures along the way. AWS Professional Services offerings help you achieve specific outcomes related to enterprise cloud adoption. Each offering delivers a set of activities, best practices, and documentation reflecting our experience supporting hundreds of customers in their journey to the AWS Cloud.

Specialty Practices

In addition to our offerings, AWS Professional Services provides global specialty practices to support your efforts in focused areas of enterprise cloud computing. Specialty practices deliver targeted guidance through best practices, frameworks, tools, and services across solution, technology, and industry subject areas. Their deep expertise helps you take advantage of business benefits available with the AWS Cloud.


Achieve organizational change and tangible business outcomes from adopting the AWS Cloud.

Modernize your data infrastructure and get the most value from your data by using AWS services.

Application Migration
Automate and accelerate the migration of applications to AWS.

Application Modernization
Innovate, increase business agility, and reduce costs by refactoring, rearchitecting, and modernizing your applications, including legacy mainframe applications.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Leverage machine learning and data science expertise and best practices to accelerate business transformations.

Build incentive models that benefit everyone with blockchain networks.

Contact Center
Accelerate the migration of legacy contact center infrastructure to the AWS cloud with Amazon Connect.

Accelerate DevOps by leveraging automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and engineering best practices.

End User Computing
Deploy cloud desktop services for any number of users while maintaining scalability, accessibility, and security.

High Performance Computing
Use High Performance Computing to increase the speed of research and reduce time-to-results for resource intensive workloads.

Internet of Things
Connect devices to the AWS Cloud by leveraging purpose-built managed services for IoT.

Management & Governance
Deploy automated, robust, agile IT operations and governance capabilities optimized for the cloud.

Purpose-built Databases
Choose and deploy the right AWS purpose-built database service to meet your application’s unique requirements for functionality, performance, and scale.

Quantum Computing
Accelerate use of quantum technologies in products and operations leveraging the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

Simulate, test and deploy robotic applications in the cloud at scale.

Security, Risk and Compliance
Develop the confidence and technical capability to migrate your most sensitive workloads to the AWS Cloud.

Security Assurance Services
Get help from veteran auditors (PCI-QSA, HITRUST CCSFPs, and more) to remove compliance blockers.

Support space missions through cloud processing of spacecraft data, and cloud-based spacecraft control and operations.

Use Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 3D visualizations to simulate highly contextualized experiences.

Support sustainability initiatives such as carbon reporting, supply chain and building operations through AWS and emerging technology.

Working with AWS Partner Network

Moving to the cloud requires knowledge, tools, and alignment of your business and IT strategy. Strong collaboration between customer teams, AWS Partner, and the AWS Professional Services team consistently produces impactful enterprise business outcomes. Combining the broad range of consulting services and software available from the AWS Partners with focused support from AWS Professional Services provides you with the breadth of skills and resources needed to best realize the potential of the AWS Cloud.

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