Urgent Security Guards Needed In UK

G4S is the world’s leading global, integrated security company specialising in the delivery of security jobs and related services to customers across six continents.

From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with governments, businesses and other organisations to provide integrated solutions to security challenges.

Our heritage goes back over a century and, with more than 585,000 employees, we are one of the largest private employer in the world.

We protect rock stars and sports stars, people and property, including some of the world’s most important buildings and events.

  • From advising on stadium building plans to crowd control and ensuring event tickets are not forged.
  • From delivering pay packets to ensuring ATMs have enough cash to meet your shopping needs.
  • From delivering cash to bank branches and retail outlets to managing the flow of cash for central banks and major retailers.

From ensuring travellers have a safe and pleasant experience in ports and airports around the world to secure detention and escorting of people who are not lawfully entitled to remain in a country. In more ways than you might realise, G4S is securing your world.

G4S operate in more than 100 countries and have nearly 585,000 employees worldwide.
Whether you require a security solution in one location or across multiple continents, our global experience is always on hand to bring you advantages.

Values are the standards we set for ourselves and the culture of the organisation is the way those values are reflected in our behaviours and actions. Being a service business, people are at the heart of our business.We rely on them to provide excellent customer service and to behave in line with the company’s values and standards. They rely on the company to provide a safe place to work and for development, support and guidance throughout their career.

With over 585,000 people, G4S is one of the world’s largest private employers.
Our employees touch the lives of others every day, providing crucial services to keep them safe and secure. Our success is therefore underpinned by the way we lead and engage with our people, the way we work, and the way we are organised.

As such we offer our employees an immense range of exciting, rewarding and long term career opportunities where they can really make a difference in a meaningful way. You simply won’t find the variety and diversity of career opportunities anywhere else.

If you are interested in looking at the types of career opportunities available in G4S firstly consider where you would best fit in by checking out the categories listed to the left or click here to go to view current vacancies

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