top 5 ai productivity softwares to improve your work life

By Arthur Paul

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard enhance work productivity as chatbots or integrated assistants. They access emails, documents, and offer text summarization, email drafting, meeting transcription, agenda creation, and data analysis.

Check company policies, laws, and data usage before embracing automation. Some major AI tools are now available or coming soon.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Automates tasks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. It enables users to draft text, create presentations, and analyze data. Available to enterprises via an invitation-only paid preview program.


Google Duet AI

Offers AI-powered tools for Gmail and Docs, allowing users to request assistance in composing emails or writing drafts. It can understand email context and adjust responses accordingly.


Zoom IQ

Provides real-time meeting summarization and features for video conferencing, including brainstorming sessions, chat conversation summaries, email drafting, and agenda creation. Available to paid subscribers and as a free trial.


Slack GPT

Integrates ChatGPT's summarization and text generation into Slack. Users can summarize messages, compose and refine content, and transcribe Huddles into notes. To be released later this year.



Expands beyond grammar and spell-checking to generate text, refine tone, and aid brainstorming. Grammarly Business is also introducing new features for email composition and summarization, which can be integrated into Gmail and Slack.


It's essential to explore the specifics of each tool and ensure compatibility with your company's policies and requirements before incorporating them into your workflow.